My genre is detective-suspense with a dash of romance. My style brings a tender mix to the page.  Life and its dynamics. inspire me. I believe that my blend of detective – suspense and romanticism of my characters, make me one of America's better novelist. I don't shy away from discussing whether or not I'm good at something. I am.


A quick discussion about characterizations and characters. I create three-dimensional characters, some based on my personality traits or people I know. Every character has a place in my novels, be it the dynamic Silvia Fernandez of the Perry Richards series, or Phyllis Cleats, Perry's partner in sequels to A Perfect World, or the dubious Sgt. Frank Miller – or in the Tanner books, his cousin Jeanette, are people that reflect real life. 


In the Tanner series, I've created a dynamic black man that is not afraid of his sexuality and the fact that he excites, enjoys and beds women. But Marvin Tanner is also smart, as is his counterpart the attorney Richards. My characters are so integral to me, that I cannot write something biographical without including them. To know them is to understand a small part of me.


Here is some biographical information. I'm a native of Augusta, Georgia, and was raised by a single mother, Adeline Grier Martin McNealy, along with three brothers. Her middle names are my grandparents – the last name is my father's. She took his surname on their marriage. His name was St. Clair and was a teacher and veteran of the US Army. 


I am married to a wonderful woman named Joyce. We have two adult daughters, and , grandchildren. I was a legal aid attorney, a litigation specialist and a mediator before starting Carson Dunn Media Advertising Inc. My books are published under that imprint. I am proud to be who I am and will continue writing as God has given me that talent.  


I am the creative director/owner of an ad agency, CDM Digital Advertising. We provide advertising, branding and marketing services to businesses. See www.cdm-digital.com