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        A Perfect World

             A Perry Richards Mystery Novel


For Los Angeles attorney Perry Richards, a perfect world was one where his lovely wife, psychologist Felicia Pridemore Richards and their two daughters dwell beside him in the suburbs. For Perry, career ambitions reach their apex on the eve of his slated appointment to the directorship of the public interest law firm he works for.  


It all crumbles when Felicia disappears, launching Perry on a journey to the South in hopes of finding her -- only to discover, Felicia never existed. 


The mystery deepens as hit men come after him as he and colleague, wealthy beautiful, would be lover,  Charleston Liria Bradley,  close in on the truth.   


A perfect world where adultry, murder, lies, racial politics, create  a convincing mirage that slowly unravels.


The wait is over! A Perfect World! Thrilling and entertaining, like the experience on a crazy roller coaster.

The New York Times


Thrilling in the extreme, McNealy is a modern Raymond Chandler and master of the page-turner. This revised version brings greater clarity to what some consider a cross between African American detective noire and American Literature.

Choppin State College Library 


What is good writing? Simply put, it is something on a  page that manages to suspend reality. It evokes, creates outrage, causes desire and activates curiousity. It's a dance of words moving in a pace that makes the heart race, brings peace to the mind. Good writing convinces the reader to long for more.  


                                                                                                       Bernard Alexander McNealy


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'IntoThe Abyss' and 'The World in His Hands' will be availaible  Spring 2015.

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